South Asia Institute Staff & Contacts

Please note:  There are currently no affiliations, internships, jobs, fellowships, reseach assistantships, or teaching positions available at the South Asia Institute.   If any such positions are created in the future, they will be advertised through our listserv or the Columbia website and Employment webpages.  The Institute is unable to respond to unsolicited requests for employment or affiliation.

The South Asia Institute is an academic unit, and does not sponsor performances or concerts on the Columbia campus.

Director, South Asia Institute

Katherine Pratt Ewing
Email:  <[email protected]>
Office:  Room 217 Knox Hall
Telephone:  (212) 851-4114

Director, M.A. Program in South Asia Studies

Quinn A. Clark
Email: <[email protected]>
Office:  Room 214 Knox Hall
Telephone:  (212) 851-9280

Associate Director and Outreach Coordinator

William Carrick
Email: <[email protected]>
Office:  Room 219 Knox Hall
Telephone:  (212) 854-4565

Administrative Assistant

Annapurna Potluri Schreiber
Email:  <[email protected]>
Office:  Room 213 Knox Hall
Telephone:  (212) 854-5514

Program Assistant

Kismat Dhaliwal
Email:  <[email protected]>
Office :  Room 216 Knox Hall

South Asian Librarian

Gary J. Hausman
Email:  <[email protected]>
Office:  Lehman Library, 309 International Affairs
Telephone:  (212) 854-8401

Mailing Address

South Asia Institute
Knox Hall, Room 213, MC 3496
606 West 122nd Street
New York, NY 10027-5703

Fax:  (212) 854-4639

(Please include a cover sheet addressed to the South Asia Institute.)