Recent Master's Thesis Topics of Program Alumni

Women and the Evolution of Power in Mughal India (1600-1720 CE)

Devoted to the Texts: Bhakti in the Śāstric Imagination of Pre-modernity

Politics of Discrimination: Study of Caste against Ravidasi Sikhs in the Diaspora

Locating South Asian Dancers in Pre-Colonial and Colonial Aesthetics

Silently Speaking: The nation, the female body and cinema in "Mother India" and "Samt-el-Qusur/Silences of the Palace"

Protecting the King: Royal Priest and Ritual Empowerment in Medieval India

Borders/Barriers/Boundaries: The Ressurection of Caste Practices in Postwar Jaffna

The Ramayana in Hindu Nationalist Politics: A Narrative of Anxiety and Ambition from the 1960s and 1970s

Dangerous Democracy: Examining the Riot Systems of Uttar Pradesh

Revival of Lohia

Is there and Should There Be a  Pedagogy of Revolution, Focusing on the Maoist Struggle Among the Adivasis in India

 Bal Gangadhar Tilak and the Bombay Textile Workforce 1880-1908

An Afterlife of Images: A Study on Tibetan Self-Immolations

US Foreign Policy's Influence on the TTP and Pakistan's Needed Effort to Counterinsurgency Warfare in FATA

India-US Relations: Examining the relationship under UPA 1 and UPA 2

The challenges of interventions in the informal justice sector of Afghanistan

Political Sufism of Dr. Muhammad Tahir ul Qadri: Dreams of a Mujaddid in a World Modern

An Ethnographic Study of the Shri Surya Narayan Mandir

Indian Penal Code Section 377:  A Charade of Culture, Religion, and Tradition

Tilth of Revival, Tilth of Conquest: Early 19th c. Social Change in Lanka's Jaffna Pen.

Modern Forms of Bhakti in Sikhism Through Music and Comic Books

Secular Conflict: Challenges Confronting the Construction of a Hindu Sacred Space in Chino Hills, California

"The Labor Problem": History and Governmentality at Work in the Bombay Cotton Mills, 1918 - 1934

Mental Illness and the Obeahman: An analysis of the practice of religious treatments in Trinidad and Guyana

Urdu Literature in the Establishment of Islamic Modernism: The Legacy of the Musaddas and Shikwa

Mnemonic Spaces, the Tidemarks of a Sikh "Punjab"

Islam in the Ideology of Pakistan:  A Military Project

Embodied Transcendence:  Tantric Practive in Web 2.0

Sufi Militancy - Violence in a State of Religious Ambiguity

Dress and Muslim Identity in Bengal 1400-1600

The Miracle Surgeon on Horseback: Metaphor and Ayub Khan's Martial Law Regime (1958-1962) in Pakistan

Pāņiņī in the Present:  Reintroducing Pāņiņī to Sanskrit Pedagogy

Pyaar Hai, Romance Hai: Love, Space, and Bollywood’s New Visions of Modern Indian Muslimness

The Complexities of Secularism in Bangladesh

Alternative World Views:  Liberal Feminism and the Rashtra Sevika Samiti

Bangladesh's Transition to an Illiberal Democracy, with Special Reference to Hartal Politics

Developing Precarity: The Nexus of Imperial Globality, Non-existent Hyper-self-reflexivity, and Salvage Accumulations

Disquietude and Desire: The Failed Pursuit of an Imagined Fullness in Nepali Historiography

Mughal-e-Azam in Brooklyn: Constructing Archetypes of the Collective Identity Amongst South Asian-American Youth

South Asian Women, the Seduction of Possibility, and the Polics of Power in Diasporic Literature

Tracing an Historical Imagination:  The Case of Anarkali

Independent Politics and the Politics of Independence: 'Tribal' Reform in Early 20th c. Eastern India

Contesting Biologism:  The Body, Gender Verification Policy, and Universal Rights in Queer India

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