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Fall 2024 Language Courses
Fall 2024 South Asia Studies Courses
Spring 2024 Language Courses
Spring 2024 South Asia Studies Courses

Current term undergraduate and graduate courses are posted on the South Asia Institute website, beginning in April for Fall listings, and in November for Spring listings, and are updated as new courses are added.  Listings are divided between Language Course Listings, and Area Studies Course Listings for Art History, History, Politics, etc.  Courses are organized by program, departments, and schools.  Previous term course listings are archived on a separate page of the website. 

The Columbia Directory of Classes organizes Fall, Spring, and Summer classes by Department and Subject, and includes course descriptions, the most up-to-date course day and time,  location, current enrollment, and other useful information.South Asia courses are offered by a number of departments and schools and are listed accordingly. 

The South Asia Institute compiles these courses into one list to assist students interested in studying South Asia.  The language course offerings in a given year are very similar each Fall and each Spring.  Non-language courses may be offered annually, biannually, ever four years, or may only be offered once. 

Current course lists can be found on this page for the latest Fall, Spring, and Summer terms.  Non-language South Asia Course lists from previous terms can be found on the Course Archive.

For more information about Language Courses, visit the Language Program page on this site.

Fall 2023 Language Courses
Fall 2023 South Asia Studies Courses
Spring 2023 Language Courses
Spring 2023 South Asia Studies Courses
Fall 2022 Language Courses
Fall 2022 South Asia Studies Courses