Other Degree Options for Study of South Asia

MA and MA/PhD Departmental programs

Students may study South Asia within several departments, in BA, MA, MA/PhD or PhD programs.   Students in  graduate programs may be able to earn the South Asia Studies Certificate while completing an MA/PhD or PhD degree.  For information about MA and PhD programs in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and to find links to departmental websites offering M.A./Ph.D. degree programs of interest to South Asia scholars:  Art History and Archaeology, English and Comparative LiteratureHistoryMiddle Eastern, South Asian and African StudiesPolitical Science, and Religion).  Alternately, browse the GSAS website at http://www.columbia.edu/cu/gsas/pages/pstudents/admissions/information/index.html.

Stand-alone MA Programs

There are several stand-alone MA programs at Columbia that students of South Asia may find a context in which to pursue their research interests.

Committee on Global Thought

The Master of Arts in Global Thought takes an interdisciplinary approach to exploring critical global issues. This academic program challenges students to engage with new concepts and generate innovative questions as they examine the complexities of our interconnected and always evolving world.

Dual MA/MSc, International and World History, Columbia/London School of Economics

Students spend the first year at Columbia University in the City of New York and the second year at the London School of Economics.  Upon completion of the requirements, they receive degrees from both institutions.  At Columbia, the MA is offered via the Program in International and World History, in the History Department.

Islamic Studies

The Middle East Institute hosts two masters degree programs. The Islamic Studies MA (ISMA), and the Dual Degree MA program with Aga Khan University in Islamic Studies and Muslim Cultures. 

The degrees focus on the religious and intellectual traditions of Islam and the diverse regional histories, cultures, and social formations of Muslim societies around the world.

Dual MS/MA, Journalism and Religion

This special program enables a small number of qualified candidates to receive two master's degrees, a MS from Columbia's Graduate School of Journalism and MA from the Department of Religion, in two years of study. 

Departmental Stand-alone MA Programs

Some departments with doctoral programs offer one or more Stand-alone MA programs:

(Art History and ArchaelologyEnglish/Comparative LiteratureMiddle Eastern, South Asian and African Studies, and Religion).  Links to these programs may be found on the GSAS website at http://www.columbia.edu/cu/gsas/pages/pstudents/admissions/information/index.html.

Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships

Students who plan to enroll in an Intermediate or Advanced or Heritage language course in both the Fall and Spring term are eligible to apply for a Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship.  Note:  students enrolled in the Joint Journalism/Religion degree may only apply during the second year of the degree, when they may enroll in language classes (the Journalism program does not participate in the FLAS program).  Incoming students who are enrolled in an MA program at GSAS, and meet the requirements for FLAS study, may be receive full tuition funding during the first year of enrollment at GSAS.