SAI Short-term Research Grants

The South Asia Institute Short-term Research Grant offers financial assistance to students who are enrolled in a Columbia University MA program and who are conducting research related to South Asia. Fellowship funds may be used during either winter or summer break, and proposals are considered twice a year.

Applicants must submit a grant proposal that consists of:

1. Resume/CV
2. Proposal statement (one to two pages)
3. Budget
4.One recommendation letter

The proposal statement must describe the student’s research plan, how the proposed research will contribute to the MA thesis or other paper required for completion of the MA degree, and include a timetable for completion of the research and writing.  The proposal must provide an overall budget for the project, the total amount requested (up to $800), and a rationale for the amount in terms of the project’s overall budget and the applicant's need. The applicant should indicate how additional research costs beyond the fellowship award will be covered.

Deadlines: December 1, 2022; and April 1, 2023

For more information, contact Quinn A. Clark at [email protected].